Scott Leslie Ceilidh Band

Ceilidh Caller


Scott (accordion) is the band's main dance caller although there is another member of the band who can call dances. The Scott Leslie Ceilidh Band are also in demand by a number of ceilidh clubs & callers in Edinburgh and outwith. These can be for regular monthly ceilidhs or ceilidh nights for language students visiting Scotland. The latter can require additional assistance on the dance floor and an experienced dance caller positioned on the dance floor can provide help to those at the beginner stage.
During the summer months there are many ceilidhs in Edinburgh. The Scott Leslie Ceilidh Band (and Scott in particuliar) work closely with experienced callers such as David Vivanco. David & Scott recently returned from a highly successful tour of Italy last year teaching scottish ceilidh dancing. 
Scott himself can also teach ceilidh dancing via recorded music or with an accordionist and has been teaching ceilidh dances to language students since 2013. The ceilidh consists of dancing, songs & tunes on the accordion.
Scott was invited to play for the Caledonian Society of Oman in April 2016 and such was the success of the evening he was asked back in September 2016, May 2017 and will be performing once again in May 2018.

David Vivanco (bodhran) calling with the band

Picture courtesy of Eilidh Steel

Musical ditty
" .............never b sharp, never b flat, always b natural..............."
 Mrs Cowan, Music Teacher, Dunbar Primary School, May 1979......."